Silvija Stanič

STOTT PILATES® Certified Instructor
GYROKINESIS® Certified Instructor
Pilates instructor (GZS)

Silvija is a sports lover, and any day without movement is lost to her. Her main means of transport are roller blades or her bike. She has been practicing Martial Arts and Argentinian tango for more than a decade. Her desire to become an instructor, help people and learn about the newest scientific research on the human body brought her to STOTT PILATES. She tries to combine different techniques to control body movement and to keep the body balanced and flexible.


  • September 2010, Agnese Vanaga and Juan Onofri Barbato, Contemporaneo Workshop, modern dance workshop (Ljubljana, Slovenia),
  • February 2013, international Bodifit pilates body & mind convention (Domžale, Slovenia),
  • februar 2013, Orlando Lopac, Funkcionalni pilates (Domžale, Slovenija),
  • February 2013, Mirela Anić, Prenatal pilates and pelvic floor muscles (Domžale, Slovenia),
  • February 2013, Gabor Fuzy, Breathe More to Achive More (Domžale, Slovenia),
  • May 2013, STOTT PILATES mat course (Ljubljana, Slovenia),
  • May 2013, Mobility and stability of the spine (Ljubljana, Slovenia),
  • April 2014, Prenatal and post natal workout (Ljubljana, Slovenia),
  • April 2014, Progressive functional training on the mat (Ljubljana, Slovenia),
  • March 2015, Biomechanic course, Sally Belanger (Brno, Czech),
  • March 2015, Gait analysis, Sally Belanger (Brno, Czech),
  • March 2015, Gyrokinesis pre-training (Ljubljana, Slovenia),
  • April 2015, Plyometrics, kondicijski trener Igor Blažinčić (Ljubljana, Slovenia),
  • June 2015, Gyrokinesis foundation, Mariarosa Guglielmi (Trst, Italy),
  • October 2015, therapeutic yoga, Cheri Clampett (Ljubljana, Slovenia),
  • February 2016, Gyrokinesis Supervised Apprentice Hours, Laura Virgillito (Trst, Italy),
  • May 2016, Gyrokinesis Level I Certification Course (Münstertal, Germany),
  • March 2017, BASE Education, Sally Belanger (Ljubljana, Slovenia),
  • March 2017, How to safely move and train a client with a herniated disk injury, Sally Belanger (Ljubljana, Slovenia),
  • February 2019, Injury and rehabilitation, Sally Belanger (Ljubljana, Slovenia).

Peti element presents STOTT PILATES®, GYROTONIC® and GYROKINESIS® technique according to international standards. For holistic approach we also offer post-rehabilitation, massage, trigger point therapy, fascial and connective tissue release and NMT therapies.

Peti element studio
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