Hana Huč

STOTT PILATES® Trained Instructor
Pilates instructor (GZS)

Hana is finishing her bachlor study programm of kinesiology on University of Sports. She's been dancing since she was a child and immediately fell in love with it. For many years she has been competing on world dance competitions in street dance disciplines. She's been teacing in a dance school Plesni studio for the past six years. Where she also has her own dance groups that are performing on international competitions. In first year of studying sports she became interested in pilates. Becaused she sufered from low back pain she finally found an exercises that she can use as a rehabilitation program and additonal exercise to combine with her dance training. Soon she realized all the benefits that pilates methods have. Firstly pilates exercise can prevent dancers or athletes from sports injuries. Secondly these methods eliminate harmful every day movement patterns that are caused at work. All in all she is really impressed by pilates versatility and how it can maintain and improve quality of movement and life.


  • August 2014, Course Mat Pilates, Maja Bučar Pajek (Ljubljana, Slovenia),
  • June 2016, Licence for Conditioning coach (Ljubljana, Slovenia),
  • January 2017, GZS CONGRESS (Portorož, Slovenia),
  • June 2017, Aerobics instructor (Ljubljana, Slovenia),
  • September 2017, Licence for Dance Coach (Ljubljana, Slovenia),
  • November 2017, STOTT PILATES Mat Education (Zagreb, Croatia),
  • February 2019, Injury and rehabilitation, Sally Belanger (Ljubljana, Slovenia),
  • September 2019, Anatomy Trains in Motion (Ljubljana, Slovenia),
  • October 2019, Anatomy Trains in Structure & Function (Ljubljana, Slovenia).

Peti element presents STOTT PILATES®, GYROTONIC® and GYROKINESIS® technique according to international standards. For holistic approach we also offer post-rehabilitation, massage, trigger point therapy, fascial and connective tissue release and NMT therapies.

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