Our pre-natal Pilates classes are uniquely designed to focus on the health of the pelvic floor muscles and to prepare the expectant mothers for labour with global physical and mental conditioning. The programme was created to cover all stages of pregnancy, from the first day to the day of birth. The exercises are modified with the help of different props that prevent abdominal or pelvic pressure and support the overburdened parts of the spine. This class is intended for women experiencing a healthy pregnancy and would like to maintain their level of physical activity. Class size is limited.

Special medical supervision is necessary if you have any type of cardiovascular disease, breathing problems, diabetes or high blood pressure (even if changes occurred with the start of pregnancy), or have had an abortion or in the case of placenta previa or low-lying placenta (occurs when the placenta partially or totally covers the opening in the mother's cervix). This kind of workout is appropriate for expectant mothers who have already had an orientation session. Class size is limited to ten expectant mothers.

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The thoughtfully designed interior of the studio represents our integrated approach. Soft lines, selected colours, first-rate materials and carefully chosen details create a unique atmosphere that leaves a lasting impression. The interior of our studio reflects the precision and care within our approach where nothing is left to chance.

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