Post-natal Pilates is appropriate for new mothers. You can start to exercise (with or without your baby) four to six weeks after a regular birth. If you underwent a Caesarean section, you can start eight weeks after birth or when you get clearance from your physician. The programme is designed to help strengthen different parts of the body which were strained during pregnancy or labour. Specific focus is paid to activating the spinal erectors with the help of the Arc barrel or the Spine supporter. Strengthening specific muscle groups helps new mothers stay in shape while adapting to the new lifestyle of lifting and carrying their baby around.

Mothers can bring their babies to class. We recommend you change and feed the baby before the class begins. Please, bring a blanket for the baby to rest on. This kind of workout is appropriate for new mothers who have already had an orientation session. Class size is limited to ten mothers with their babies.

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