Group Pilates

We believe that inner balance is key for a healthy body. With that in mind, we created group mat classes which ensure a holistic approach with the highest level of expertise. Our diverse offer of group mat, circuit and aerobic classes will cater to everyone's needs whether you want to tone your body, gain strength, become more mindful, or simply relax.

Group classes take place every day of the week and have a maximum number of participants ranging from eight to ten people in mat classes and from four to six in the Pilates equipment circuit classes. All props, including Airex mats are always available to our clients. We are the only Pilates studio in Slovenia to have all the supporting elements (the arc barrel, the spine supporter, foam cushions, gripper mats, etc.) and vertical frames which can be used to modify exercises or for improved safety. All of the accessories are made out of the highest quality materials since we believe that quality always comes first. Clients learn about the proper use of the equipment in the orientation session.

Pilates mat classes at different locations across Ljubljana and Slovenia have a maximum of twelve participants per class. We recommend you bring your own mat, a bottle of water, and a small towel. We use elastic bands and small balls. Use of socks is encouraged for safety and hygienic reasons. Clients visiting group classes have a fixed class schedule. When your monthly pass expires, you are asked to renew your reservation by contacting the reception, or your instructor. For more details on how we operate, please read our Terms of service.

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The thoughtfully designed interior of the studio represents our integrated approach. Soft lines, selected colours, first-rate materials and carefully chosen details create a unique atmosphere that leaves a lasting impression. The interior of our studio reflects the precision and care within our approach where nothing is left to chance.

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