You do not have to leave your home to stay connected with us. You should allow pain to become a constant in your mind and body. It is absurd to lose your hard-earned stability and flexibility, which you have achieved through our regular workout sessions before the onset of quarantine. Join our online courses, led by a team of experienced professionals from the field, who all have background in healthcare and sports. Every online workout will be unique and specially adapted to the movement opportunities afforded by your home, along with innovative accessories and with ever changing content – not two workouts will be the same.

Our workout courses have been moved online. We have prepared a special schedule, which can already visible in our application. Workout programs online will take place through live streaming. Everything you need for participation is the Zoom application (free of charge) as well as a laptop or stationary computer, tablet computer or mobile phone. In order to take part in any session you require an active monthly pass. All you need then is to reserve a spot through pour Peti element application. 15 minutes before the start of a session you will received a unique link through e-mail with which you will be able to attend the chosen class. The session cannot be stopped or watched later. When the workout ends, the stream ends with it. In addition, the link cannot be shared, as each one of you has to be manually confirmed by our technical staff.


In order to make the user experience with our new system of online exercises as simple and best as possible we have:

  • One-time individual introductory package for beginners (mandatory).
  • Three online group passes: one time group pass, four visits or eight visits.
  • Two online individual passes: one time individual pass and four individual passes.

None of the passes has an expiration date. In addition, there is no membership fee for online courses. For every workout session, you require a mat, a towel and comfortable sports attire.

SCHEDULE All exercises are live streamed through the web, seven days a week. The schedule is available in our application. Individual sessions take place live through the web and can only be scheduled in advance.

NEW CLIENTS All new clients have to complete our individual introductory course, which has been combined into an online a package. More on why this course is so imprint is available in our section of How to begin. The one time introductory course is exclusively for new clients, who are not acquainted with our way of work. In addition, they also receive a recording of basic principles and a PDF booklet as a way to prepare for a safe workout experience with Peti element. Every new client has to create its own profile through our Peti element application, where it fills out all the necessary information. We kindly ask, that you are cautious when filling out the necessary information, as you will receive a unique code for our online courses on you e-mail account.

BOOKING AND CANCELLATION All participation is based on the principle of bookings, which are done through the Peti element application either on a mobile phone (advisable) our through our webpage. Through the application, you gain access to our schedule where you select and confirm a class, which in turn reserves a spot in the workout session. All our online courses can be booked as many times as you have purchase (example: seven passes allow seven reservations). In the case of an inactive card, a reservation will not be possible so we advise that purchase workout passes regularly or simultaneously as you make reservations. It is possible to cancel a booking free of charger up to 15 minutes before the scheduled workout for group sessions and at least 12 hours before an individual session. All passes have no expiration date. In the case, that you agree with our terms and conditions you will receive an email for every reserved session a day before.

STREAMING OF WORKOUT SESSIONS Once you reserve a spot in a session, you received a unique link to the Zoom program via email. With this you can tune in to a workout session through a laptop, a stationary computer, tablet computer, mobile phone or TV receiver (if they possess the android operating system). After your first link, you will be required to download the Zoom application, which will than remain on our chosen device in will be available for all future streaming services. Once you activate your Zoom application you enter your name and surname or your nickname (so the instructor can recognize you), confirm the link in wait for your workout session to commence.

PAYMENTS All packages can be purchased with a credit card through our application or by pro forma invoice. In the case of the latter, please contact us and we will send you the invoice, which you can pay by TRR. As soon as your transaction will be visible, we will load the passes on to your profile.

PASSES FOR THE STUDIO AND OTHER LOCATIONS All passes, purchased in our studio and on our other locations before the quarantine will remain on your profiles and will be reactivated once we reopen or once you return to our studio or other location. All purchases made before the quarantine cannot be converted into online passes. The online passes are exclusively for online courses. All active members of Peti element will have their memberships extended for four months, which means they will be free to make their chosen reservations through our applications.



The client does all reservations through our mobile application or on our webpage. The schedule is available 24 hours a day and by confirming the chosen session, you can make recurring reservations (if you have purchased enough passes). In the event, that a reservation does not suit you it is possible to make a free cancellation 15 minutes before the start of a group session or 12 hours before an individual session. We encourage you to download the Peti element application. Booking your session through it will allow you to simply enter them into our calendar and set the necessary reminders to make sure you never miss a workout. If you agree with our terms and conditions, you will also receive emails a day before your scheduled session.


The mobile application Peti element can be downloaded free of charge on your mobile phone*:

  • Android users – Google play
  • IOS users – App store

The applications is available in the following languages: Slovenian, English, German, Italian and Spanish.
*Mobile phones and tablet computers with an Android system (4.0.2. or newer) or with iOS (8 or newer).


All you require to access and use the mobile application or website is to create a profile and choose a user name and password. The latter should have one capital letter and at least one number and it should be around eight letters long. A password can be rest through the “Forgot your password?” button.


  • Sessions correspond to all group workouts.
  • Individual sessions correspond to individual workouts.
  • My sessions – an overview of all bookings made for group sessions. This area also allows you to make a cancellation(s) (free of charge 15 minutes before start).
  • My waitlist – an overview of all booked workout sessions.
  • My appointments – an overwide of all booked individual sessions. This area also allows you to make a cancellation(s) (free of charge 12 hours before start)
  • My attendance – an overview of a client’s workout history (introductory course, group and individual sessions, massages).
  • My account – a history of purchases and an overview of your current account credit.
  • Settings – an option to choose between more than ten different languages.

ONLINE PRICE LIST All our prices are in euros and are intended for a single person and are valid only for our online courses. Payments are optional by credit card or TRR and all prices have VAT.


Peti element presents STOTT PILATES®, GYROTONIC® and GYROKINESIS® technique according to international standards. For holistic approach we also offer post-rehabilitation, massage, trigger point therapy, fascial and connective tissue release and NMT therapies.

Peti element studio
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