Getting started

Before beginning any group or private classes, you are required to complete a private or semi-private orientation session. Your instructor may advise you to take extra orientation hours for health and safety reasons prior to joining group classes. You can go through the orientation session process only once. After the orientation session, you will receive directions about the types of classes best suited for you. Use of socks is required. The first orientation session is a pre-requisite for every individual who has not trained with us previously. Please, see our price list.

Prior reservations and 6-hour cancellations are required before group classes, private sessions, and massage or manual therapy sessions. If the client fails to cancel the session on time, we will have to charge the corresponding fee. Clients are encouraged to book a massage or manual therapy sessions at least two days in advance. The pre-requisite for any STOTT PILATES® or GYROTONIC® (or post-rehabilitation) class is an orientation session where clients are introduced to the basic principles, safety features, modifications, correct breathing patterns, and the equipment and props which can safely alter or intensify the workout. The knowledge gained in this first session is essential for the safe execution of exercises and for a better control of the body.

Please, see our schedule.

For more details on how we operate, please read our terms of service.

The thoughtfully designed interior of the studio represents our integrated approach. Soft lines, selected colours, first-rate materials and carefully chosen details create a unique atmosphere that leaves a lasting impression. The interior of our studio reflects the precision and care within our approach where nothing is left to chance.

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