Automatic control system

We would like to inform you of our newest studio update. For your utmost comfort, we have designed an automatic approach to the studio entrance. You can now open the studio door with the membership card you received upon enrollment. Our programme immediately detects your card and deducts one session from your package. You may access the studio twenty-five minutes before the session and ten minutes after the session starts.

To successfully open the door automatically, you need:

- a membership card with your name encoded on it;

- a reservation;

- valid annual membership, and

- a valid pass.

We suggest purchasing the next monthly pass at the time of your last session in the previous month. This will ensure the proper functioning of the system and uninterrupted automatic access to the studio. Clients can enter the studio by holding their card next to the intercom by the door. No communication with the reception is necessary. The door will not open automatically if you do not have a booked session, valid pass, or if you have not settled the annual membership fee. In this case, press the intercom button and wait for the reception to open the door for you. The automatic control system was designed for your convenience and satisfaction to simplify your arrival to the studio.


Due to the new system control, a twenty-four-hour notice of cancellation is obligatory. Failure to do so will result in a lost session. To avoid unnecessary misunderstandings, we set up a system to notify clients about their upcoming session and pass validity via mobile phone messages one day in advance. Due to the new automatic control system, we ask you to provide your phone number where you will receive our notifications about your upcoming session.

By reducing the check-in line at the reception, we want our clients to save more time, thus offering a more positive user experience. Thank you, for inspiring us to find new ways to improve our system.


Peti element presents STOTT PILATES®, GYROTONIC® and GYROKINESIS® technique according to international standards. For holistic approach we also offer post-rehabilitation, massage, trigger point therapy, fascial and connective tissue release and NMT therapies.

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