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We chose the STOTT PILATES® method in 2006, began working with the GYROTONIC® method in 2013 and added massages and manual therapies one year later. We are highly-trained professionals in our field of practice and offer the safest form of exercise, post-rehabilitation, and equipment-based training. More than 4,000 people have already experienced our services. We invest in our knowledge and all of our instructors are trained or certified STOTT PILATES® or GYROTONIC® instructors with rich experience gained mostly across the borders. Continuing education, careful programming and personal guidance in group and private classes allow us to maintain the high level of professional knowledge and quality control. Peti element's distinct feature is mutual cooperation between instructors, collaboration with foreign experts and home health workers, and our great love for Pilates and other methods.


Our sessions are available in four different languages. Group classes can be held in Slovenian, English or Croatian language. Individual or semi-individual classes are available in Slovene, English, Russian and Italian language.


Peti element is situated in the Trnovo district (Trnovska vrata complex) near the ring road and within walking distance from the bus station. The studio's interior was designed with precision and according to the highest architectural standards. The rooms are suitably ventilated and air-conditioned. There are three rooms for mat, vertical frames, and equipment (including four V2 Max Plus Reformers) classes, a space for the GYROTONIC® method (including three Pulley towers), one room for private sessions on the Cadillac machine, and the therapeutic room for massages and other manual treatments. Clients are greeted at the door by the large reception area that merges into a well-equipped dressing room. The studio also has one multi-purpose room that can serve as a nursing room and includes a blow-dryer and a magnifying make-up glass for clients who want to get ready for work. Our restroom is equipped with two showers that can be used post-workout or after a massage. Large glass surfaces, unique lighting, meticulously designed interior, and carefully selected decorative items make our training sessions a special experience. The reception provides the clients with all the necessary information and support. Our hallway supplies clients with a sufficient hydration source - a convenient bottle filler offering clean, filtered water. Since cleanliness is our first priority, we take good care to maintain the studio's high hygiene standards for your utmost comfort.


The studio offers a selection of different training methods and manual treatments while our locations are mostly mat class-oriented. Clients can choose among over one hundred group classes per week, sixty of them taking place in the studio. You can decide for one specific class and make a long-term reservation or book in advance on a regular basis. Our prices vary and are always affordable. The price decreases as the number of sessions increases which encourages you to train more often and maintain an active lifestyle. Seniors, students, and family members are eligible for special discounts. To make our professional services available to anyone, we offer reasonable prices at all locations.

Clients, who opt for individual sessions can benefit from choosing a larger session package at a reduced price per visit, with extended validity.


All group classes have a limited number of participants to ensure an individual approach and specifically tailored programmes. The studio can hold up to ten people in the big room, eight people in the small room, four to six people in the Reformer room, three people in the GYROTONIC® room, and up to twelve people at our location. Working in small groups is the only way to maintain the highest standards of quality.


Clients visiting the studio have free parking places in front of the Trnovska vrata complex. Private clients can park in the garage that belongs to the premises. Other locations have their own car parks and garage houses, or parking spaces nearby.


Peti element offers group and private STOTT PILATES® and GYROTONIC® classes, including a diverse range of related classes. Our schedule boasts a variety of programmes for different population groups and a selection of manual treatments or massages from early mornings to late evenings. Regardless of your previous physical activity and your personal desires, we provide the most suitable training programme for you.


Our team is specialized in the field of group and individual treatment with high-quality STOTT PILATES® and GYROTONIC® machines and accessories. Four reformers, three Pulley towers, two Stability chairs, one Ladder barrel and one Cadillac present our signature pieces that enable us to train sports lovers, professional athletes, or post-rehab clients.


Peti element's carefully chosen instructors offer more than the average personal trainer. We believe constant development, continuing education, and personal effort create notable achievements and help clients achieve impressive results. Our instructors' knowledge combines medicine with physiotherapy, kinesiology, different types of movement therapies, massages, and other manual therapy treatments. We have the tools, the knowledge, and the system to guarantee success. We offer our services to post-rehab clients recovering from an operation or injury, and to those wanting to strengthen and tone their bodies. Our wish is to help clients reach their goals and exceed their expectations.


Peti element presents STOTT PILATES®, GYROTONIC® and GYROKINESIS® technique according to international standards. For holistic approach we also offer post-rehabilitation, massage, trigger point therapy, fascial and connective tissue release and NMT therapies.

Peti element studio
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