We choose pilates and we are dedicated to it exclusively since 2006. We are highly trained professionals for pilates which is the safest way to exercise within post-rehabilitation or recreation, which is experienced for over 3000 people. Special attention is given to knowledge. Our instructors are certified or trained by international STOTT PILATES license and with rich experience diligently assist in achieving the objectives of each client. We are constantly updating knowledge and adding new programms as well as updating individual lessons what allows us to keep all the exercises at high level of knowledge and quality management mode. Mutual cooperation within the team of instructors, pilates cooperation with experts from abroad, cooperation with local medical professionals and a great love to pilates is what gives our pilates work a special touch.


Each season offers nearly 100 hours of group training sessions per week at various locations in Ljubljana and its surroundings, over 40 hours in the Pilates studio itself. You can choose exactly defined term, where space on particual session is always reserved in advance or you can choose the dynamic "drop in" option where you can select the desired training session whenever you desire. Also our prices are diverse and more accessible. If you want to train more often, we offer you a lower price for each visit. Additional discounts have pensioners, students and families. At the same time, we separated the prices in the studio and at different locations, thus allowing greater accessibility of our professionalism to everyone. To individual customers, we also offer a special discount, because the greater the amount of private lessons purchased the lower prices on each visit we can offer.


Pilates studio Peti Element is located in Trnovo in the building named Trnovska vrata (door), just where the bus station is whatching the city road Barjanska cesta. Peti Element studio has deluxe interior, with ventilation, air conditioning and superior architectural finishes. Two exercise rooms for group and individual trainings and spacious wardrobe definitely satisfy even the most demanding visitor. The large glass surfaces, the unique range of lighting and carefully selected so training in our studio is a unique experience. At the reception, we offer all the necessary additions to the tutoring experience is always perfect. And most importantly on the first place in our Pilates studio is cleanliness.


In all group exercise sessions we have a limited number of people attending classes, because we are dedicated to individual approach to each customer and adapting programs to each of you. The pilates studio at a time rehearsing six to eight people, while at all other locations at a time rehearsing up to twelve people. We organize group and individual Pilates in Ljubljana and its surroundings.


For all customers pilates studio have free parking is available in front of the building and for individual customers, we have parking spaces in the garage of the building. Other locations are mostly organized in the parking lot in front of buildings, garages or nearby. You are invited to a professional Pilates team that will take care of you with comprehensive treatment and will always find the answer or suggestion to solve a variety of issues.


Peti element in addition to the classical pilates organizes a variety of other exercise programs. You can choose to schedule the dynamic progressive Pilates technique or a more relaxing workouts. We organize various programs before the start of the working day and half-hour programs during lunch and children's programs with co-training for parents. We have a wide selection of pilates accesories. Regardless of your previous conception of physical condition or desire can with a flexible combination packages surely find the desired workouts that will meet to perfection.


Peti element is specialized in the field of work of individual treatment with the best quality equipment, all Pilates equipment and various accessories. First in Slovenia we offer training on the Pilates Cadillac or trapeze device and we V2 max reformer professional offering different training than conventional reformer devices.


Carefully selected instructors who teach under the brand Peti Element offer more than just the normal trainers. We believe that by continuing education and advanced professional development can deal with good results and meet the goals of those who have decided for this method. Knowledge of instructors are intertwined with the medical profession and pyhsiotherapy, Kinesiology, movement therapy, dance and others. Our main objective is to satisfy your objectives and achieve the expected desire. We have the tool, knowledge and a system to enable you and ensure success. No matter whether you need a post-rehabilitation from an operation, special treatment because of the disease, need to strengthen your body before or after childbirth or just want to transform the body or maybe need additional training for the upcoming adventure sports. We provide the experience and care that will satisfy all your expectations.


Peti element presents STOTT PILATES®, GYROTONIC® and GYROKINESIS® technique according to international standards. For holistic approach we also offer post-rehabilitation, massage, trigger point therapy, fascial and connective tissue release and NMT therapies.

Peti element studio
Barjanska 62, 1000 Ljubljana