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Our basic Pilates classes follow the principles of STOTT PILATES® which encourage a better breathing pattern, improved self-awareness and posture, increased muscle tone, greater stability and movement control. This system of exercise helps build deep muscle balance and develop body symmetry. It tones the body and improves strength and mobility. Specifically targeted exercises stretch and tone all muscle groups, including the local and global stabilisers of the body. The focus of Pilates is gaining core musculature from the inside out starting with the deep layers of the torso that include the transverse abdominal muscle (transversus abdominis), the multifidus muscle and the pelvic floor muscles, to name only a few. These muscular systems protect and stabilise the lumbar spine and the pelvic girdle while we move fluently. Concentration, awareness, and controlled movements are key in establishing this kind of fluidity.

Pilates is suitable for all types of clients who are in search of a whole body workout and high-intensity training. This kind of workout is appropriate for everyone who has already had an orientation session. Footwear is not necessary.


PROGRESSIVE® Pilates is a dynamic functional training programme with aerobic components and fluid movements. It combines the basic Pilates principles with elements of plyometrics and classical strength training in a unique and innovative way. The workout is designed as an interval training, switching between high and low-intensity periods which increase the heart rate and make for an effective fat burning exercise system. This class is intended for everyone lacking the aerobic component in their training, and those who desire a more intense workout. Suitable for clients who do not have any health problems, want to lose weight, tone their body, or gain muscle endurance. PROGRESSIVE® training is a highly intense whole body workout appropriate for both men and women who have good body awareness and are thoroughly familiar with the correct movement execution of all Pilates exercises. Before attending or transitioning to this class, please consult one of our instructors. Additional use of different props makes every workout an exciting experience. Class size is limited to ten people.


Decompress Pilates is a unique workout on a hammock which enables a tension-free position for the joints and takes away the negative effects of gravity (gravitational forces cause spinal compression in standing and sitting positions) while working towards spinal decompression. Aerial yoga or anti-gravity training in hammocks originated in the USA in the previous decade. The hammock can be adjusted to change the intensity of the workout by altering the height or width of the hammock, different placements of the body (partially resting on the hammock or whole body floating), or by changing the inclination of the hammock.

In addition to floating, this one-of-a-kind accessory also enables safe execution of inversions. The inverted position, or hanging upside down stimulates the lymphatic system and improves proprioception.

The base of Decompress Pilates are the five basic principles which ensure the correct form and full control over body movements. The class is a fluid set of exercises that increase muscle tone and help achieve a greater range of movement and flexibility with stable and tension-free joints. A playful and imaginative class the connects the body and mind on a whole new level without limiting movement. Use of short or long sleeve shirts (covering armpits) is required for more comfort and for hygienic reasons. We advise leggings or narrow cut knee-length trousers that reduce the tension from the fabric on the knees. Refrain from wearing clothing that has zippers or other elements that can tear the hammocks. Use of grip socks is required. Please remove all jewellery before coming to class. We recommend you wash your hands for hygienic reasons. Due to the nature of exercises (including inversions and different types of rocking), Decompress Pilates is not recommended if you have high blood pressure, vertigo, epilepsy, syncope, any type of cardiovascular disease, eye condition or if you are pregnant. This kind of workout is appropriate for everyone who has already had an orientation session. Class size is limited to nine people.


Senior Pilates is for appropriate for both women and men over 60. All exercises are specifically modified to provide a safe environment for every participant. The class is focused on improving strength, coordination, balance, bone density, urinary incontinence, and body awareness. The latter is especially important since it helps seniors control the muscles of the body when doing daily activities. The base of every movement is posture, muscle control, and good proprioception regardless of the individual's occupation. This kind of workout is appropriate for everyone who has already had an orientation session. Class size is limited to ten people.


TRX Pilates is appropriate for everyone since every client can modify the intensity of the workout. TRX suspension straps are used in combination with all other props that are in the studio. The straps are designed as an extremely efficient shaping and strengthening tool. There are two anchor points, one being the suspension strap and the other is where the body meets the floor. All exercises include working with your own body weight. Load is added by changing the inclination of the body, decreasing stability and alternating between open and closed kinetic chain exercises. You can increase or decrease the exercise difficulty based on your body's position, and by changing the centre of gravity.

The suspension straps are made out of nylon webbing with padded handles. This kind of workout is appropriate for everyone who has already had an orientation session. Class size is limited to ten people.


Pilates for post-rehabilitation combines essential physiotherapeutic knowledge with the five basic STOTT Pilates principles. Different props are incorporated into the workout. The class is designed to improve muscle stabilisation and joint mobility through gentle and non-invasive movements. The focus is on establishing quality movement patterns that follow clients in their daily activities. Appropriate for individuals who would like to improve their posture, attain greater muscle balance and activate the deep stabilisers of the body. This type of Pilates encourages high precision movement so everyone can benefit from it. Class size is limited to ten people.


The Core barre Pilates class is a functional and perfected system of movement which develops strength, flexibility, stability, control and body symmetry. It is a perfect workout combining elements of ballet, Pilates, Aerobics, Yoga and classical strengthening exercises. The class begins with a cardio warm-up and continues with upper and lower body conditioning the consists of small, but effective movements which bring quick and visible results. The focus is on strengthening the arms, thighs, glutes, core and spinal erectors to increase muscle endurance and improve the overall shape of the body. Strengthening exercises are followed by dynamic stretches for every muscle group. This not only tones the muscles but also improves their flexibility which reflects in a stronger and more relaxed body. Every exercise is designed to eliminate muscle weakness and can be modified to fit every individual in the class. The workout is appropriate for all ages. Because of its strong aerobic component, the class is not appropriate for people with cardiovascular conditions, pregnant women, and women who have recently given birth and were diagnosed with diastasis recti or experience pain in the pubic symphysis. This kind of workout is appropriate for everyone who has already had an orientation session. Class size is limited to ten people.

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Hot training is a higher intensive program where we combine power exercises with interval training and stimulate the body with specific movement to increase mobility in a safe way. Class heated to 35-37 degrees with 25-30% humidity. he class offers a method of exercise and physical movement designed to stretch, strengthen, and sculpt the body as well as challenge and strengthen the cardiovascular system. Due to the warm temperature the body is released in the beggining and then through strengthtraining with dynamic functional movements we stimulate muscles and connective tissue, movement of the lymph is higher which gives the body a greater range of motion and speeds up the metabolism, calorie consumption and the process of sweating.

Hot training contributes to positive well-being after each training over and over again. Before and after exercise, it is advisable to take care of adequate hydration.

Program is not suitable for pregnant women, people with heart and lung problems, and mothers after birth with still present diastase or pain in symphysis. The program is also not recommended for people with dizziness, with high blood pressure, any eye diseases, cardiovascular disease, epilepsy or syncope. For hygienic reasons, the use of a large towel is essential and should be placed over the mat (minimum dimension of the towel should be 70 × 140cm). The use of our towel costs 2€ per usage. We practice only in socks. You can start the training after the introduction session. There are up to ten people in the group.

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Skrbno izbran interier studia predstavlja celovit koncept našega delovanja. Mehke linije, izbrane barve, prvovrstni materiali in detajli, ki jih lahko začutite takoj ob vstopu v naš prostor. Ker ničesar ne prepuščamo naključju zato skrbimo, da notranjost studia prezentira naš način natančnega in skrbnega dela.

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