New: Core bar reformer

We are proud to introduce you a new class on reformers, every Wednesday at 16:30 and 19:30. Core barre reformer class will take place in our studio Peti element, starting with September.

Core barre reformer is an aerobic approach to the basic reformer classes and it represents an upgrade of basic Pilates classes to more dynamic and faster programs, with less breaks in between. Transitions between exercises are fun and simple. 5 basic Pilates principles of safe and correct movement technique are still being maintained during the exercises with addition of rhythm element. Adding the rhythm element to the exercises causes interval movement, faster exercise series and consequently higher heart rate frequency (between 110 – 130 heart beats per minute). Core barre reformer is an interesting and innovative way of combining strength and aerobic training with reformer machine.

Core barre reformer training is suitable for people without any muscle or joint restrictions and for those, who wants their Pilates training to be more rhythmic and with higher intensity.

You are welcome to make a reservation. Maximum limit of people per class is 5.


Peti element presents STOTT PILATES®, GYROTONIC® and GYROKINESIS® technique according to international standards. For holistic approach we also offer post-rehabilitation, massage, trigger point therapy, fascial and connective tissue release and NMT therapies.

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