Group classes in season 2017/2018

Below you can take a look at the new 2018/2019 season timetable for group classes. New season in Peti element studio begins on Monday, 03.09.2018. Beginning of group classes on locations is defined below. It is necessary to make a reservation prior. Reservations are made through Peti element app. More info can be found here:

PETI ELEMENT STUDIO (Barjanska 62, 1000 Ljubljana - building Trnovska vrata, BEGINS ON 03.09.2018)

06.00 basic pilates, Špela T.
07.30 reformer, Hana M.
08.15 gyrotonic, Elvis
08.15 basic pilates, Špela T.
09.15 gyrotonic, Špela T.
10.15 pre-natal, Špela T.
10.30 therapeutic class (upper extremity), Hana M.

16.30 senior, Tina Z.
16.30 gyrotonic, Elvis
16.30 reformer, Vedrana
17.30 TRX, Vedrana
17.30 basic pilates, Tina Z.
18.30 basic pilates, Vedrana
18.30 core bar, Anja
18.30 reformer, Hana M.
19.30 basic pilates, Hana H.
20.45 basic pilates, Hana H.
21.00 reformer, Vedrana


06.40 basic pilates, Vedrana
07.45 advance pilates, Vedrana
08.30 gyrotonic, Elvis
08:30 basic pilates, Špela T.
09.15 basic pilates, Vedrana
10.15 post-natal, Vedrana

16.30 post-reha, Hana M.
17.30 basic pilates, Vedrana
17.30 reformer, Tina Z.
18.30 gyrotonic, Elvis
18.30 pre-natal, Tina B.
19.30 basic pilates, Anja
20.30 core bar, Anja
20.30 reformer, Tina Z.


06.00 basic pilates, Ana
07.30 reformer, Silvija
09.30 therapeutic class (spine and lower extremity), Tina Z.
09.30 gyrotonic, Elvis
09.30 senior, Silvija
10.15 reformer, Hana M.
10.30 basic pilates, Silvija

16:30 basic pilates, Špela T.
17.30 TRX, Vedrana
17.30 basic pilates, Špela T.
18.30 core bar, Anja
19.30 reformer, Hana H.
19.30 TRX, Vedrana
20.45 basic pilates, Vedrana


06.30 basic pilates, Tina Z.
07.45 TRX, Vedrana
08.15 gyrotonic, Elvis
08.30 reformer, Tina Z.
09.15 basic pilates, Vedrana
10.15 post-natal, Vedrana

16.30 post-reha, Tina Z.
17.30 basic pilates, Vedrana
17.30 pre-natal, Tina Z./Špela J.
18.30 gyrotonic, Elvis
19.30 basic pilates, Ana
19.30 reformer, Hana M.
20.30 basic pilates, Ana
20.30 reformer, Hana M.

06.00 basic pilates, Hana H.
08.00 core bar, Hana H.
09.00 senior, Hana H.
10.15 pre-natal, Hana H.

15.30 reformer, Hana H.
16.30 basic pilates, Hana H.
17.30 basic pilates, Tina B.
18.45 advance pilates, Tina B.

08.45 basic pilates, different
10.00 basic pilates, different

18.30 basic pilates, different
18.30 gyrotonic, Elvis
19.30 advance pilates, different
19.30 gyrotonic, Elvis
19.30 reformer, different
20.45 decompres, Vedrana

CITY CENTER, Elementary school Tone Čufar, next to RTV building – BEGINS ON 10.09.2018

Tuesday: 19.00 basic pilates, Vedrana
Wednesday: 19.00 basic pilates, Vedrana

FUŽINE, Retirement home Fužine - BEGINS ON 10.09.2018

Monday: 20.00 basic pilates, Anja
Wednesday: 20.00 basic pilates, Anja

POLJANE, Joga inštitut, Mesarska 18 - BEGINS ON 02.09.2018

Sunday: 19.25 basic pilates, Vedrana

ŠIŠKA, Irish dances, ground floor of Insurance Tilia building, entrance from Celovška 175 - BEGINS ON 03.09.2018

Monday: 19.00 basic pilates, Tina Z.
Monday: 20.00 progressive pilates, Tina Z.
Wednesday: 08.00 basic pilates, Tina Z.
Wednesday: 19.00 basic pilates, Špela T.
Wednesday: 20.00 progressive pilates, Špela T.

TRNOVO, Janez Krstnik Home, next to Trnovo church - BEGINS ON 03.09.2018

Monday, 19.45 basic pilates, Vedrana

Maximum capacity for group classes in the studio is 8 to 10 people, 5 people on reformer and 3 people on gyrotonic group classes.
Maximum capacity for group classes on locations is 12 people.

You are welcome to make a reservation. If there are no free places you are put on the waiting list and are informed if anyone cancels (in the studio). For more information please call: 041 352 555.


Peti element presents STOTT PILATES®, GYROTONIC® and GYROKINESIS® technique according to international standards. For holistic approach we also offer post-rehabilitation, massage, trigger point therapy, fascial and connective tissue release and NMT therapies.

Peti element studio
Barjanska 62, 1000 Ljubljana